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What does a proxy web site do?

Proxy Sites are commonly used to access blocked websites at school,work,colleges,universities and libraries. Web Proxies also provide you with anonymity and some other extra security features.  Using a Web Proxies , helps you by masking your real IP address with the IP of the provider,in other words you don't let others to see your real IP as you will be using the Proxy's IP.  That's not all ,by using a proxy site you will be able to access several social networking sites and not to mention that you will be able to watch online videos on YouTube or DailyMotion as most of the Proxy Sites support javascript and videos!

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Web filters and the companies that operates them are constantly updating their banning lists with thousands of web sites. Sites like thoses also happens to be the proxy sites which are the first on their "To Block" list. That's why there are new fresh proxy sites created every single day in order to be there for you and help you bypass all those webfilters. If you don't want to be blocked again then you better consider subscribing to our Proxy Email List. Subscribe , sit back and let us deliver to your email box fresh new proxy sites. Do so and you will never be blocked again ;)

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