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Proxy Advertising

Proxy Advertising is by far the most important thing that you have to consider even before you start your own proxy site . As a proxy webmaster you want to make money with your proxy web site and because of that you have to make sure that your proxy site will get fast indexed by big G and will receive traffic nonstop. Traffic is the key of your success here. There most traffic your proxy website receives the higher the chance to get your ads clicked by the proxy users and for you to make money from that activity.

It's highly advised that you come up with a plan when it comes to proxy advertising. You don't want to waste your time (if you are going for free advertising) or your money (if you choose to go with paid advertising). First of all forget those cpc advertising campaigns on advertising networks. You could choose to go with the traditional way of advertising and by that we mean adding your proxy website to top proxy site lists , to proxy lists, posting on proxy groups or ask from bloggers to review your proxy site on their proxy blogs. You can also go ahead and try answering questions on Yahoo answers in order to give a small boost on your proxy website

On the other hand if you go with paid advertising you can purchase 1st, 2nd or even 3rd tier advertising to proxy lists and proxy top lists and purchase a couple of email blasts. That choice will drive you more traffic to your proxy website for longer time but you will still have to waste some of your time in order to go to each proxy list one by one and buy tier listing advertising. We would suggest you to give a try to the ultimate proxy promotional service which is provided by ProxyNoid.

ProxyNoid combines all the traditional proxy advertising methods that you mention above into one service, saving you time and money. Imagine if you wanted to buy 1st tier listing to 10 proxy lists and purchase an email blast. That would cost you $5 x 10 + $5 = $55 in total. With ProxyNoid you will get your proxy website submitted to all of the network's proxy lists + partners proxy lists on the desirable tier listing of your choice + you will get an email blast to more than 50.000 opt-in subscribers + one blog entry on each proxy blog + exposure to more than 5000 followers / funs on social media. Proxy promotional plans start from 5 credits and the lowest credit pack costs $10 for 10 credits. That's what we call value for money.